President Biya’s fainting limousine

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In journalism, being ‘trigger-happy’ is crucial in capturing the most iconic shots …. Well, on Friday May 20, 2016 during activities marking the Cameroon’s national day–a limousine in president Paul Biya’s convoy suffered an unexpected setback. Yep, his military aides had to push away from the the tribune. The cameras of state media-CRTV politely panned away from the news

Cameroon’s Patrick Ekeng, dies after collapsing on turf

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Just like Marc Viviane Foe during Cameroon’s 2003 confederation cup semifinal clash against Colombia, 26 year old Dinamo Bucharest and Cameroon midfielder Patrick Ekeng has died of a suspected heart attack after collapsing on the pitch.Ekeng fell to the floor in the 70th minute, few minutes after making his entrance in a Romanian league match between Dinamo and Viitorul.

He was pronounced dead in hospital two hours later.

He was pronounced dead in hospital two hours later.

The Cameroonian FA confirmed the news on Twitter, while Ekeng’s former club Cordoba tweeted: “We have no words to express our sadness at the loss.”

Ekeng had also previously played for Le Mans and Lausanne.

Few minutes after his death, Cameroonian players took to social media to pay their last respects :

Samuel Eto’o to get €250.000 after 20th league goal for Antalyaspor

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After scoring his 20th for Antalyaspor, Cameroon’s soccer legend Samuel Eto’o did not just affirm that he is goal-scoring predator,  he also becomes €250.000 richer.

Playing against Konyaspor in their day 31 action, Sunday May 1,2016,  Samuel Eto’o’s brilliant finish at the 49th minute proved the only difference between both sides-one that sends Antalyaspor to spot number 10 on the Turkish Super Lig table.

A clause in his contract stipulates that if the striker bags in 20 league goals, he is entitle to get a bonus of €250.000.

Eto’o is still the second highest goal scorer after Mario Gomez.

Player Team Goals (Penalty)
M. Gómez Beşiktaş 24 1
S. Eto’o Antalya 20 4
H. Rodallega Akhisar 19 1
R. van Persie Fenerbahçe 14 3
E. Višća Başakşehir 14 2
Fernandão Fenerbahçe 13 3
L. Podolski Galatasaray 12 0
E. Derdiyok Kasımpaşa 11 1
P. N’Diaye Osmanlıspor 11 0
T. Necid Bursa 11 2
D. Kadah Rize 10 0
L. Kweuke Rize 10 4
B. Stancu Gençlerbirliği 10 3
M. Batdal Başakşehir 9 0
M. Demir Trabzon 9 2

Papa Wemba: Was he killed or this is just another conspiracy theory?

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The mortal remains of one of Africa’s greatest music icon, Papa Wemba, 65 was welcomed today April 29, 2016 by hundreds of mourners in his native country, Democratic Republic of Congo–from Abidjan-Ivory Coast, where he died.

But as burial arrangements are being made by his family, the question everyone is asking is: Was he killed? If yes, who killed him?

Papa Wemba

Papa Wemba: The African King of Rumba who fell never to rise again

Well, we shouldn’t have been here in the first place, if someone on social media(Facebook to be precise) had not put his Sherlock Holmes prowess to for us to review, publishing the singer’s last minutes during what became his last stage performance.

In the video during the FEMUA urban music festival on Sunday, 24 April 2016, there is man (boy) who comes up on stage from behind the curtains, the swap the microphone of the Singer, and few minutes later, Papa Wemba would fall never to rise up again.

The questions no one is asking, are:

  • Who is that man?
  • What was he doing behind the curtains?
  • Did he poison (jinx) that microphone?

So, was that microphone-switcher a scape-goat, finding himself at the right place at the wrong time at the cold-bloodedness of conspiracy theorists? Well, truth of the matter is, we might never know the answers to these questions. At least, not now. But if indeed there is an iota of smoke in this fire, we are gonna find out the same way, the mic-switcher was spotted.


Cameroon: The Deputy Sec. General of the presidency Prof. Peter Agbor Tabi is dead.

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The Deputy Secretary General at the Presidency, Prof. Peter Agbor Tabi, has died. Family sources confirmed that 65 years old former Minister of Education and Scientific Research died in an American hospital Tuesday April 26, Douala in Neuille, France.img_4307

Prof Agbor-Tabi’s death comes after a protracted illness. On Saturday April 18, 2015, he passed out in Buea during a march against the deadly Islamic sect Boko-Haram.

Born in February 1951 in Mamfe, South West Region, the new Minister, Deputy Secretary General at the Presidency, is an Associate Professor who among others obtained a Ph.D in International Studies, University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA in 1982 and a Fulbright Scholar in Residence-Spellman College, Atlanta, GA, USA between September 1983 and May 1984.

Peter Agbor-Tabi has held several positions in the administration including post of Deputy Director of the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC), Director of IRIC, Chancellor, University of Yaoundé, Rector, University of Yaoundé, Minister of Higher Education and Pro-Chancellor, University of Buea. At the moment of his present appointment, he was Head of Department International Economics and the Board Chairman of the University of Yaoundé II. He is member of the Central Committee of the CPDM.

Voici quelques repliques horribles qu’on entend tous les jours aux arrêts taxi

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Ca sort comme ca sort…
Client: Poste centrale 100frs dans 2000frs
Taximan: Apprenti sorcier, monte sur l’argent là
ça t’emmène une fois!

Poste centrale 100frs

Client: Rond point Deido pièce dans 1000frs
Taximan: Tape moi une fois tu prends la voiture
Client: Poste centrale 100frs
Taximan: Toi même tu sens!!!
Client: Bépanda 100frs.
Taximan: achète la canne a sucre et commence à
marcher! bordelle!!
Client: Ndokoti 150frs dans 2000frs
Taximan: Hein combien!? Ma fille prends tes 150frs
francs là tu mets les roues dessus tu conduis!
Client: carrefour 3 bordelles 100frs
Taximan: combien ? C’est toi la 4e bordelle,
Cliente: Pièce marché
Taximan: Avec ses cheveux comme le désordre
de la Fecafoot!
Le taximan freine brusquement devant le
Taximan: on t’a déjà vendu !!? Suis moi je
connais un bon marabout qui va te sauver.
Benskineur: ta maman sur ça? Tu ressembles à
ce que j’ai chier ce matin.
Taximan: Laid comme ta moto, enlève moi ton
tétanos là en route (après il ajoute “bamoun!” ou
Client étudiant a Soa: Stp chauffeur augmente le
Chauffeur : mouff tu payes même d’abord
Client : Chauffeur respectez nous hein! Je suis
quand même étudiant et c’est nous la relève de
demain donc faites attention.
Chauffeur : ta grand mère!!! moi j’ai la maîtrise et
je suis taximan quand tu auras ta part tu vas
vendre que la banane mûre idiot!
Client : Emia 100frs,
Taximan: “Pip ” (klaxon).
Client: 100frs dans 500frs
Taximan: Tu voulais même déjà ouvrir la porte,
ferme ça vite! Chouagne,
si ça t’énerve tu prends le volant !
Cliente : Chauffeur la manivelle svp le vent me
Taximan: Qui t’avait même menti que tu étais
belle? Machoiron!!! Qu’est ce qu’on a même chié
sur ta tête comme ça?!
Client : Bonjour chauffeur
Taximan: Fous moi le camp. Si je reponds tu
ajoutes 100 frs???
Client : Bonaloka 200frs
Benskineur : C’est ton plan pour arracher la
moto!!! Tu as menti!!!
Client: 100frs CRADAT
Taximan: achete le piment de 100frs tu te purges
avec, cuon!!
Client: 500frs carrefour trois bordels village
Taximan: va même à 4 bordels!

Client: nsimalen village ( a minuit )
Taximan: maquisard, mieux tu m’agresses ici

Source: Benedict Ndinwa

Samuel Eto’o backs controversy-stricken Serge Aurier

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Cameroon’s football legend Samuel Eto’o has join the team of elite footballers to defend under-fire Ivorian and Paris St Germain right-back Serge Aurier after his ‘homophobic comments’ on Periscope against coach Laurent Blanc, and his jibe against teammates Angel Di Maria and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Antalyspor captain and four time African player of the year gave his take on the issue at 2pm GMT on his facebook page that read:

“Mistakes are human. Beyond mistakes, the most important things are the lessons we learn from them. Isn’t it said that a fault confessed is half redressed? Keep your head up young brother Serge Aurier and look behind only if it helps you move forward. #AllonsSeulement #Aurier19 #WeLiveAndWeLearn ‘’.

The controversial Ivorian defender in the original message on periscope before their Champions League match with Chelsea also involve calling Angel Di Maria a ‘clown’ and, a supposed  ‘favoritism’ towards fellow teammate Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Aurier in a PSG TV interview apologized for his comments saying: “I made a big mistake, I am here to say sorry to the coach, the club and my team-mates, and to the supporters because they are the most important people. I want to apologise especially to the coach, I can only thank him for all he has done for me since I arrived in Paris.

“He wanted me and since I came here everything has gone really well. I owe him a lot and that is why I apologise sincerely to him for what was said, which I deeply regret.

“I will accept any sanction the club impose on me regarding this incident. I made a mistake, it was unforgivable and I am ready to face all the consequences.”

It is not the first time Aurier has been in trouble over comments made on social media. He was banned for three games by Uefa after last season’s Champions League game against Chelsea, after a video posted on Facebook showed him labelling the referee Bjorn Kuipers a “dirty son of a bitch” over the dismissal of Ibrahimovic.

His team Paris St Germain reacted swiftly with an indefinite suspension on the defender. The club’s president Al-Khelaifi said:

“I took the decision to dismiss Serge Aurier. Paris Saint-Germain is a very strong institution which nobody can touch.

“This video, filmed in a private setting, clearly contains unacceptable comments about team-mates and especially coach Laurent Blanc.

“PSG wishes to express its fullest support to coach Blanc and to to the players who have rightly felt offended by Aurier’s remarks.”

Samuel Eto’o is not the only player to stand behind Aurier. He joins Zinedine Zidane, Didier Drogba, Karim Benzema and the Touré brothers; Yaya and Kolo.

By Ngoran Guilio.