Are Journalists Killing Information?

Lawson Mulvihill Media, Inc.

An allegation is floating around out there in the twitter sphere. Journalists are killing information. That is a serious charge by any standard. Those of us who practice in the public relations community, and especially those of us who cover politics from within the public relations community, should be rightly offended. We are.

On behalf of my ‘public relations in politics’ community, I firmly reject that allegation. Public relations professionals who cover politics do so honestly. Do we withhold information? Do we spin information? There are at least three responses to that question. No, yes, and the most relevant of all – it depends on what constitutes ‘information’.

Not All Information Is Fact

Everyone in our community honestly informs our clients’ public on the factual information surrounding our client. Anyone who picks up a tabloid at the airport book store is well aware that not all ‘information’ is fact. Not…

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