Cameroon: Coffee production leapfrogs 53% to 32,808 tonnes in 2013/14 season

Cameroon’s coffee production for the 2013/2014 season has jumped to 32 808T up from 16 665T. The declaration was made my Mr Michael Ndoping, the General Manager of the National Cocoa and Coffee Board in his keynote address during the launching of the 2014/2015 coffee season, February 06th, 2015 in Bafoussam.

‘”If my memory does not fail me, during the launching of last year’s coffee season where our production dropped to 16 665T, i recall having promised to find the root cause and lasting solution to this problem. Standing here today to make this announcement  about an increase in production is a mark of great progress”- Mr Ndoping speaking while presenting the balance sheet report of last 2013/2014 season.

Mr Michael Ndoping-NCCB's General Manager speaking to Journalists after the launching
Mr Michael Ndoping-NCCB’s General Manager speaking to Journalists after the launching

The coffee season that ended last September 5th, 2014 for both Robusta and Arabica outclassed the previous season in terms of quality, quality and better returns.

Speaking during the launching, the Government Delegate to the Bafoussam City Council, Emmanuel Nzeté challenged government to intensify its effort to make the city of Bafoussam, regain its pride as the home to Cameroon coffee.

The Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana maintained that this increase comes in the wake of the approval of the new plan to revamp the cocoa and coffee sector by 2010 intending to boost Robusta coffee production to 125 000T and Arabica to 35 000T.

H.E Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana handing over the keys of 20 motorbikes offered by SIF to focal point heads.
H.E Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana handing over the keys of 20 motorbikes offered by SIF to focal point heads.

Minister Mbarga Atangana equally challenged the NCCB boss not to rest on his laurels, but rather, he should intensify the  fight against cladestine buyers -‘Coxseurs’. -“Today in Bafoussam, i sign the death warrant of clandestine buyers”

The end of this coffee season coincided with the signing of two important decisions by the Minister of Trade regulating export duties on Cameroon’s cocoa and coffee. This of course meant that both levies moved up from 54F/kg to 100F/Kg for coffee while that of Cocoa now stands at 150F/Kg.

The principal objective of this appreciation was to generate appropriate resources in time to finance the new plan endorsed by government on November 30, 2014  to re-launch the cocoa and coffee sectors by 2020.

Cameroon is one of the few African countries in the world that produces both Robusta and Arabica coffee

The Cup of Cameroon
The Cup of Cameroon

The Vice-President of Cocoa and Coffee Interprofessional Council(CCIC), Valentin Fokechang ,recognizes that the Cameroonian coffee is prized on the international market and his willingness to accompany the government in reviving the coffee and cocoa.

“An increase was observed in the price to producers, which were around 1,000 FCFA/Kg throughout the 2013/2014 campaign” said Valentin Fokechang

This is the second time in 2006  that the coffee season is being launched in Bafoussam.

This colourful event was equally  punctuated by Northwest and West Governors, The Secretary General in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Secretary Generation of MINRESI, a multitude of coffee farmers and other key actors of the sector.

A ripe cherry is the secret to fine coffee
A ripe cherry is the secret to a fine cup

The Key Figures of this 2013/2014 Coffee season will read as such:

  1. The nationally marketed production is 32 808T, up from 16 665T last 2012/2013 season. This can be further elucidated as follows:
  • Export: 21 869 T, with 19 704T of Robusta Coffee and 2 165T of Arabica Coffee
  • Local Processing: 413T meaning 248T of Arabica and 165T of Robusta
  • Left-over stock at the end of the season: 11 878T. This translates to 11 362 T of Robusta Coffee and 516T of Arabica
  • There were 17 export destinations of Robusta Coffee and 10 for Arabica.
  • There were 18 active exporters of Robusta Coffee as opposed to 11 for Arabica
  1. Unlike the last three seasons, the prices of Robusta and Arabica this season has been the best. The average price per kilogramme of Arabica stood at 2030F and that of Robusta was 973,5F/Kg.
  2. There was a laudable increase in the quality of Robusta coffee while that of Arabica remained relatively stable.

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