Cameroon’s Samuel Eto’o secretly weds Ivorian sexy model Georgette in Milan

Former Indomitable Lion’s captain and Everton striker Samuel Eto’o, monday morning of November 24th, 2014 in Lombardi, Italy, finally said ‘I Do’ to Ivorian born Tra Lou Georgette, his companion of  8 years.

    The former ‘pichichi’ offered a $500,000 breath-taking diamond ring to Georgette, his longtime sweetheart and mother of his two-children, just a few months ago. The super-rich  striker, Samuel Eto’o civilly married  Georgette in a private event with   celebrated by Mayor Sandro Vergani in the presence of close friends, at  the municipality of Capiago Intimiano, in Lombardi, few kilometers  from Milan where he won his third champions league medal with Inter Milan 

This is not the first time Eto’o is offering costly jewellery to his sweetheart. In 2008 he gave her as birthday gift a set of necklaces worth €152,500.

Everton's Samuel Eto'o marries Georgette in a private civil Ceremony in Lombardi
Everton’s Samuel Eto’o marries Georgette in a private civil Ceremony in Lombardi

The pair have been seeing each other since 2006. Samuel Eto’o is a proud father of 5,  Etienne Eto’o, Annie Eto’o, Siena Eto’o, Maelle Eto’o, Lynn Eto’o. This list would have been a little longer, had the former lion accepted the claims of 43 year old Barranca, a spanish single mother who claimed child support for Eto’o’s supposed daughter Annie.

Ivorian born Georgette has two daugters with Cameroon's skiper Samuel Eto'o
Ivorian born Georgette has two daugters with Cameroon’s skiper Samuel Eto’o

According to sources from Ivory Coast, Samuel Eto’o had reportedly married Tra Lou Georgette traditionally since 2007.

Eto’o and Georgette are believed to be one of the most stylish couple in the entire African Continent for daring taste, classy outings like Dolce & Gabbana  events as well as their  flamboyant life-style around this most exotic spots in world. Samuel Eto’o Fils has an estimated net worth of $64 million and as from 2014, is believed to be amongst the top 3 Richest Footballer in the World.

These two are a match made in heaven???… Congrats to Grandpa Samuel Eto’o and voluptuous hottie Georgette.

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