Cameroon: Brawl Over Street Seven Buea Cemetery

By Nkeze Mbonwoh, 11 March 2014


The incident occurred as people from Great Soppo dug a grave to bury their corpse.

Inhabitants from Great Soppo and Buea Town came to blows last weekend over the burial of a corpse from Great Soppo at the Street Seven cemetery. The incident occurred when Great Soppo people began to dig a grave at the cemetery near Street Seven.

Suddenly, a group of people from neighbouring Buea Town surged and a squabble ensured. While the fighters from Buea Town claimed there was encroachment into their land, Great Soppo people held that the cemetery is well known to be on their land.

The confrontation rose to a peak and hints reached the Divisional Officer for Buea, Paul Kouam Wokam. The Administrator rushed to the scene and ordered for a cessation of hostilities. He planned a meeting for both parties to agree on a physical boundary so an arrêté could be drawn up to lay the dispute to rest.

It is still to be established what the Buea Town belligerents will settle for as Buea Town has many villages including Mokunda, Vassingi, Bonalyonga and the like. The awaited decision of the Buea Divisional Officer will certainly specify the necessary details.

Cameroon Tribune

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