An African Wedding : A true Picture of Marriage in the Nso Land of Cameroon.

Bui is one of the divisions under the N.W. Province in Cameroon.  It has six sub divisions and its population in 2008 was estimated at 420,000 people, and the capital of Bui Division is called Kumbo. The Nso people are regarded as the grassland people and their traditional language is called Lamnso (Language of Nso). The Fon of Nso is the traditional ruler, both respected by his people and the government. The Fon’s palace is called “Ntoh Nso”, known as the centre for social and cultural festivities. The Nso society is divided in lineage group often referred to as the “Big Compound” and they are ruled by traditional heads known as “Fais” instituted by the Fon of Nso. Like all traditional heads, they do not shake hands with humans as traditional demands.

Traditional marriage rites take place in most Big Compounds and as tradition demands, the groom to be must visit the family of the bride. The parents of the bride have little say about what will be given as a bride’s price. The price for the first girl of a family is paid at the mother’s family Big Compound as tradition requires, and the other girls are paid for at the father’s Big Compound. Tradition of the family compound demands that is what was paid for your mother will be the same that will be paid for you, the bride to be, and it can be in the form of cash or kind, but mostly the groom’s family is provided with a list of things to bring as a bride- price.

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