Truth or hoax: A man transformed into a Big snake and Swallowed up girlfriend in Buea

          [ We have received quite a few requests asking us to publish this post. Since we cannot verify the authenticity of this story, we will kindly ask you to use your own judgment. We hope those who may be living in Buea where this supposedly happened, will help establish the veracity of this bizarre story which has been spreading throughout the web these last few days. We have serious doubts regarding the authenticity of the story. One of the reasons being the skin color of the alleged victim. –

This post is to get the youths around the world informed about what can happen to you if you are satisfying a married man sexually. The consequences can be painful like the one you will discover later in this post.

I know some will not believe what the will discover in the later part of this post. This is the truth and is the truth. This is what happened in Buea on the 9th of November 2013. It is real if you are not convinced with what you see then pay a visit to Buea and ask what happened at Elta Palace , Buea on the 9th of November 2013. You can call me to accompany if you don’t know Buea well.

The University of Buea (UB) is one of the best universities in Cameroon. It is located in the South West region of Cameroon. Precisely in the Fako division. The area is known as Molyko.
It is the first Anglo-Saxon university in Cameroon. This University is made up of students from different countries such as Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Chad, Nigeria, Morocco etc. This university has students from all regions of Cameroon, different religious and social backgrounds. A such many activities flood the area in the domains of business, education, social activities and even secret activities which people always discover later. Talking about UB can take more than Ten thousand words or more. I will like to talk of a word commonly used by the UB girls.
They is the common word used in Buea known as “MBOMA”.

What is the meaning of “MBOMA”. ?

In Cameroon, the biggest snake is known as “MBOMA”. Thus when someone sees a very big snake he will refer to it as Mboma, no matter the type be it a python or whatever.

According to UB girls A “MBOMA” is a married man that wants young girls for sexual satisfaction. Such men don’t like prostitutes they look for young talented girls to destroy. However the love for money now our days has taken over the girls of today. Others also call this men Big fish
Where am I driving you to?

A Girl who name we got as Etengeneng Marie Solange was swallowed up by a man who transformed into a python . Others were saying this Snake-man promised to give this girl 50,000FCFA( about 200dollars)

I will not like to talk much just see the pictures I got for yourselves

people line up infront of the hotel to see this mystery

people taking photographs of the finger of the girl

Finger of the sgirl



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