Coton Sport Humilates Stade Malien (3-0) while YOSA shocked Renaisance(2-0)

The MTN Logo
The MTN Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fovu Baham
Fovu Baham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This Sunday April 21st 2013 recorded some very spectacular moments. The greatest of which was Coton Sport of Garoua who thrashed Stade Malien of Mali 3-0, in the first leg game for the 8th final of the African Champions League. Stade Malien were coming to the Roumde Adja in Garoua with lots of expectation but they met their waterloo.

Coton will play their own delayed match day 9th against Sable of Batie on Monday, April 22nd, 2013 in Garoua.


15:00 Canon Sportiive 2 – 2 Panthere FC
15:00 Douala AC 0 – 1 Les Astres
15:00 New Star 1 – 1 Fovu Club
15:00 Njala Quan 1- 1 Tonnerre Kalara
15:00 Renaissance de Ngoumou 0 – 2 Young Sports Academy
15:00 Unisport 0 – 2 Union Sportive

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