Ex-footballers Join FECAFOOT Controversy

They clamoured for the voices of all former footballers to be heard and not a select few.

Stephen Tataw (L), Maboang Kessack (R)

Stephen Tataw (L), Maboang Kessack (R)

The ongoing election topsy-turvy saga at FECAFOOT took a new twist over the weekend with some former footballers who declared they were voiceless joining the fray.

Kaham Michel

Kaham Michel

The former footballers led by Stephen Tataw, Kaham Michel, Maboang Kessack and Wamba clamoured for their point of view to also be taken into consideration by the Minister of Sports and Physical education within the frame work of the broad-based consultations with football actors launched on April 9.

The former players declared they were about being organised under the canopy of an association and elect leaders who will henceforth speak on their behalf and put an end to the present situation where a few individuals under the guise of a trade union or committee speak on the behalf of all former footballers without mandate.

Under insistence from the group, the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Adoum Garoua, promised to receive four representatives from each player faction during the consultations.

Cameroon Tribune


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