Form Four Lourdes Student Commits Suicide

By Chris Mbunwe — Emmanuelle Veronique Mvogo Nke, a Form Four student of the renowned Our Lady Of Lourdes College, Mankon, reportedly took away her life in the afternoon of Thursday, December 13.
The deceased, who was supposed to clock 14 by January, next year, allegedly committed suicide when her mates accused her of stealing the College’s Golden Jubilee fabric currently on sale for celebrations next year. She hails from Centre Region. When The Post attempted to get into the College campus, the gate keeper told this reporter that, instructions from the school authorities were that no journalist be allowed into the premises.
However, speaking to The Post, a senior teacher who would not want to be named said Emmanuelle Mvogo had waited until all the students had assembled at the refectory for lunch before collecting her pull-over and descending behind the Chapel where she hanged herself.
Next to her inert body was a cup from where it is suspected she gulped down some toxic liquid before hanging herself.

Her classmates, realising her absence, went in search of Emmanuelle and found her dangling from her pullover which she had used in committing the act. The teachers were immediately alerted and they rushed to the scene and quickly brought down the body, hoping that something could still be done to salvage her life. She was, thus, driven to the St Blaise Catholic Health Centre, hundreds of metres from the College. At St Blaise, it was discovered that she had died.
Apart  from the accusation from students that Emmanuelle Mvogo stole a fabric, her death, our source said, could be linked to family problems because, prior to that act, she looked visibly worried and when the father was called up by school authorities, he arrived the school 24 hours late.
“We were all astonished by this act because this girl was quite gentle and, above all, she is a Mass Server who assists priests or chaplains during Holy Mass. If not that the devil has taken control of our children, what could have caused this little brilliant girl to take away her life,” our source questioned rhetorically.
Since the sad incident, the authorities at Lourdes have maintained sealed lips on the matter.
A parent commented that it was divine luck for the incident to have happened just a day before the College was closing for the Christmas break, else the students could have been going through some serious trauma now.
First published in The Post print edition no 01398

The Post  Newspaper

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