Bakassi: Nigeria to open fresh talks with Cameroon

President Goodluck Jonathan SENATE President, David Mark, in Quebec, Canada, on Monday, said Nigeria is on the verge of opening fresh talks with the Republic of Cameroon over the disputed Bakassi Peninsula.

Mark, who stated this in an interview at the venue of the ongoing 127th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) meeting in Canada, said the Nigerian delegation was harping on the need to preserve the rights of the minorities, adding that the delegation would open talks with the Cameroonian counterparts in Canada.

He said the discussions would centre on how to deal with the human rights situation arising from the circumstances of the ceding of Bakassi to Cameroon.

He also said the delegation would discuss the possibility of a judicial review and options open at the parliamentary front.

“Bakassi is a different story entirely. For Bakassi, there is a judicial decision and once there is a judicial decision, you must be careful.

“Revisiting the judicial decision on Bakassi, whether it will bring any more profit or whether we should ensure that Nigerians, who are in Bakassi, have their human rights fully protected and that they are not maltreated in any way by Cameroonians, is one of the issues we will sit down and discuss with Cameroonian parliamentarians who are here too,” he saidl

It will be recalled that the Federal Government, on October 9, came out with a statement that it would not seek a review of the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which ceded Bakassi to Cameroon in 2002.

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