Fecafoot’s Iya Mohammed warns Lavagne

The president of the Cameroon football association Iya Mohammed has warned the coach of the national selection Denis Lavagne for what he termed lack of respect to state insitutitions. Quoting article 13 of the internal rules of the national team, Mr Iya blamed the coach for his outburst on some close collaborators of the sports minister, calling them incompetent and foolish.

On June 2 after the world cup qualifying game against the D R Congo, there emerged a problem of the payment of match bonuses as the ministry made provision for just 18 players and later 23 who were on the match sheet yet the coach also had three other injured players in the squad – Nicolas Nkoulou, Eyong Enow and Bienvenu Ntsama- wanted that they be also paid bonuses. . When the authorities refused this demand, Mr. Lavagne flared up and rained insults on the sports authorities infront of the players.

In his letter to the coach, the FA boss warned that if that happens again, the sanctions of article 13 could be used, meaning the coach could even lose his job.

To note that rumours have been going around that the coach’s contract that expires on the 31st of October 2012 will not be renewed because of the lacklustre playstyle of the team since he took over. He’s been booed in every public outing in Yaounde, the peak being after the loss to Libya on the 10th of June in Sfax. He has been blamed for fielding a young and inexperienced team, and that his favoured 4-4-2 system is obselete.


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