Cameroon’s Indomitable Lions swear to the 11 Commandments of Rigobert Song.

YAOUNDE Feb 28 (Reuters) – A “moral” contract outlining the future conduct of the Cameroon national team has been agreed by the players in a bid to revive their flagging fortunes and restore morale.

The 11-point contract calls for loyalty and service and was drafted by charismatic former captain Rigobert Song, the country’s most capped international who was recently appointed as the team’s administrative manager.

Indomitable Lions of Cameroon

The players made a symbolic signing of the document ahead of Wednesday’s African Nations Cup qualifier in Guinea Bissau where the team start their bid to improve.

“Cameroon national team is sacred: serving it is my only goal,” says the first point, followed by a second in which the Indomitable Lions undertake to put on the three colours of the national flag – green, red and yellow – and respect and defend it each time they take to a soccer pitch.

“It is a great honour to play for my country. I will represent it with loyalty, fidelity and courage,” the contract adds. “Each match, each selection in the squad is good luck and happiness which I am willing to share with my family, my public and my team mates.”

The players swear to remain friendly and united, and to work hard for the squad, respect those who donned the national colours before them, remain in contact and dialogue with fellow players and coaches, and to show professionalism at all times.

“I am indomitable and will forever remain indomitable,” it concludes in reference to the team’s nickname.

Cameroon have been in a crisis of confidence since a disappointing 2010 World Cup campaign in South Africa where they lost all their three group matches, and their surprise failure to qualify for this year’s African Nations Cup finals.


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