Cameroon: MP for Buea Urban Dies in Germany

      Hon. Adolph Ngale Namme died on Monday February 13, 2012.

Consternation has gripped Buea following news of the death of Honourable Adolph Ngale Namme, the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) Member of Parliament for Buea Urban. He died in Germany where he was hospitalized in the past one month.

The elder sister to the deceased, Mary Ngale, confirmed the news in the family home at Long Street, Small Soppo, on Tuesday , February 14 morning. She explained that the family will meet this Sunday to ascertain the situation and make arrangements for the return of the corpse.

“We received a phone call from the deceased’s wife who was taking care of him in Germany, informing the family back here in Cameroon of Hon. Ngale’s death,” she said. Mary Ngale explained that the brother had been in Germany for about one month before he gave up the ghost on Monday February 13, 2012.

Hon. Ngale, in his mid 40s, was a humble and hearty representative of the people in Parliament from the Buea Urban Constituency where he was serving his second term. He was soft-spoken and very lucid in leadership. The late Ngale had been a student of Baptist Academy in Muyuka, CCAST Kumba, University of Yaounde and the Higher Teachers Training College.

He was later appointed Principal of Bokova Government Secondary School from where he became Alternate MP. When Hon. Meoto Paul, the substantive Member of Parliament was appointed Director of Cabinet to then Prime Minister Chief Ephraim Inoni, Ngale took over the seat in Parliament. When that first mandate ended, he was re-elected for the current mandate. He leaves a wife, children and friends to mourn him.



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