Missing Mother of 2 dies through abortion, found in River Mezam 1 month after disappearing

The decomposed corpse of a 26 year old mother of two, Emmnuela Shey has been discovered, sunday jan 15th at River Mezam, in Mile 6 Bamenda, Cameroon.

According to report, Emmanuela had been tossed-off one morning on Dec 15th by an unknown guy on a motorcycle. He was pregnant at the time and wanted to terminate the child in her womb. Things did not go as planned and she died in the process.

Her corpse was put in a 100kg bag and dumped since Dec 2011 at the river.

On Jan 15th, the family was tipped after an unknown person wrote a note of her whereabouts and keep at her home. The police were alerted and she was found already decomposing.

Many onlookers who rushed to the scene could not help at wondering what might have caused a mother of two, (11 and 9 years children) to commit an abortion?

The Gendarmes immediately went for a witch-hunt to arrest the suspects, A quake Doctor who owns a  local chemist and a ‘native Doctor” who were all presumed partners in crime.

Her remains was laid to rest just onshore the river, not up to 5meters from where she had been found. Since upon searching for her inside the river, a dead pig was found in the quest, they were both laid to rest inside the same 1 meter deep hole.

Her experience would serve as a lessons to many for generations to come.

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