Thieves raid £4.5m home of Peter Crouch

Burglars have again targeted the footballer enclave of Alderley Edge striking at the home of Stoke striker Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy.

The 30-year-old and his wife discovered the break-in at their £4.5m home when they returned from a day out.

A burglar had broken into their home through a kitchen window and then turned the house upside down looking for valuables.

Victims for a second time: Abbey and Peter Crouch's home has been targeted by burglars againVictims for a second time: Crouch’s home has been targeted by burglars

The house – the former mansion of England cricketer Freddie Flintoff – is located on millionaire’s row in Cheshire.

The thief had broken in and made off with a number of rings, thought to belong to the 25-year-old model, a watch and a laptop computer.

The couple, who have an nine-month-old daughter, Sophia, only moved into the six-bedroom property a couple of months ago.

The mansion boasts a gym, a cinema room and a swimming pool and located in Prestbury – an area popular with many footballers.

Luxurious: The £4.5million mansion was given an 'rather untidy going over' by thievesLuxurious: The £4.5million mansion was raided by thieves

In fact the Premiership footballer and his wife live just yards from Wayne and Coleen Rooney and Rio Ferdinand also lives nearby.

A police source said: ‘The couple discovered the break-in after they returned to the house at around 7.20pm on Tuesday night.

‘The house had not been ransacked but had been given a pretty untidy going over and there were several items missing.

‘We have no value on the missing items as yet but it was obviously an unpleasant thing to come home to and police have launched an investigation.’

Recent move: Peter Crouch relocated from London to the north of the country following a transfer to Stoke CityRecent move: Peter Crouch returned to Cheshire following transfer to Stoke City

It is not the first time Peter Crouch has been targeted by burglars – he was raided in 2006 at his previous home in Alderley Edge.

On that occasion raiders targeted the England striker as he played for his country in the Euro 2008 qualifiers.

Thieves trashed his house stealing football memorabilia, champagne and jewellery and his exclusive Aston Martin car worth a total of £200,000.

He was just one victim of a gang that repeatedly targeted the homes of Premiership footballers, including Steven Gerrard, Emile Heskey and Roque Santa Cruz, in the North West.

James Birch, 20, who raided six footballer’s homes – timing his break-ins to coincide with football games when he knew players would not be at home – was jailed for two and a half years in 2006.


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