Top 10 Things you never knew about Real Madrid F.C

10 Things you Didn�t Know About Real Madrid Football Club

The Real Madrid Football Club is probably one of the biggest clubs in the world today, but how much do the fans out there of this iconic club really know? Here are just some of the few facts out there that might not be well known as of yet.

1. Real Madrid holds the record as the most effective team in the Spanish Football aspect and was voted by FIFA as the most successful club of the 20th century.

2. Real Madrid Football Club was founded at the hands of the British embassies, along side their arch rivals, FC Barcelona.

3. A Harvard University study on football showed that Real Madrid Football Club was the most popular team in the world, with a fan base of over 228 million supporters!

4. The most unforgettable match for Real Madrid and its rival FC Barcelona was probably the one that took place in 1943, where Real Madrid defeated Barcelona 11 – 1 after having lost by 0 to 3 the previous match

5. From the mid 80’s onwards, Real Madrid bounced back from its lost grasp of the La Liga title, with this generation of players nicknamed “La Quinta del Buitre”(Vulture’s Cohort) which was a name derived from one of its key members; Emilio Butrageno. They proceeded to win 5 leagues in a row which is something that no other time has been able to do till today.

6. Alfredo Di Stefano, who was a striker for Real Madrid, was said to be the best footballer of all time. Though others might disagree and say he was only the best European footballer, he and his amazing talent (31 caps) was said to be the key to making Real Madrid one of the biggest clubs in the world.

7. Real Madrid’s highest home attendance was for the 2006 Copa del Ray match with a crowd of 83,329.

8. Since its foundation, only members (Spanish) were allowed to operate and run the club as President and currently the club has an both a President and an honorary President as well. (Alfredo Di Stefano)

9. The Rivalry toward FC Barcelona extends deeper than just football history. Rather, if you dig deeper, you’ll find political views and country loyalty in the mix as well. A truly interesting story!

10. Real Madrid Football Club is the second richest in the world (351m) in terms of revenue and the second most valuable club in the world to date.

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