Cameroon blames coffee export drop on Arab turmoil

YAOUNDE Dec 9 (Reuters) – Robusta coffee exports from Cameroon fell nearly 33 percent last season, the National Cocoa and Coffee Board said, blaming the effects of turmoil in North Africa.

Mr Michael Ndoping stressing on Quality

Some 30,194 tonnes were shipped from the central African state during the December-to-November 2010-11 season, compared with 44,966 tonnes the previous year, it said in a release issued late on Thursday.

“Volumes headed to other African countries, primarily the countries of the Maghreb, have fallen considerably. The political situations and social crises were at the root of this decline,” it said.

Uprisings toppled the governments Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, and protests raged in other North African countries this year. Detailed information on the main buyers of Cameroon’s coffee exports were not available.

The NCCB said the country also exported 2,390 tonnes of arabica coffee in 2010/11, down from 3,198 tonnes in 2009/10, with Germany and Belgium among the top buyers.

Total robusta production in the country was 31,840 tonnes, down from 53,299 tonnes last season, the NCCB said.

Output in 2011-12 will “shoot up”, NCCB general manager Michael Ndoping told Reuters on Friday, but he did not give a detailed forecast. (Reporting by Tansa Musa; Writing by Richard Valdmanis; Editing by Alison Birrane)



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