This story contains scenes with strong and illicit content, it is not suitable for viewers younger than 18

Wonders in deed shall never end. The last time one saw something like this was in 2007 when a student of the University of Buea, Cameroon turned into a super star over-night after a nude picture of her was leaked in the internet.

Girl poses nude for facebook

This time, the facts are still not straight. Except that, a photo of  a girl in her mid 20’s was leaked on popular social networking site Facebook. Many questions are still hanging unanswered. Some believe that the girl had been tricked by the boyfriend in posing nude for him, while he caught the moment on camera.

Some simply believe it was deliberate attempt to seek cheap popularity. It is still unconfirmed if this girl is a Cameroonian or African- American. Amongst the thousand’s of questions that remain unanswered are: What was she thinking?, where is she from? Does her mama know what she has done?, does she have a boyfriend, is yes, who is that guy?

Has facebook become that liberal that such pornographic  and illicit materials are uncensored? Is Facebook really getting out of hand?Then Facebook’s genius Mark Zuckerberg should be proud of the new dimension his dream is taking the world to. Or perhaps, the world seems to be coming to an end.

Ngoran Guilio Berngeh


  1. It is not strengh to me according to the scripture when the end is coming humanity will anything possible to have money.

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