The Executive Secretary of the Cameroon’s Teachers Trade Union (CATTU) who doubles as a civil society activist, Simon Kwenti has been released from police custody, night of Sept 20th in Bamenda.

Bamenda, always having something to say

Mr Kwenti was detained,Monday after declaring a strike action which was supposed to hold,Tuesday 20th for the government to appoint a Vice-Chancellor to the newly created University of Bamenda.

North West Goveronor Abakar Ahamat was notified of the developments, immediately placed a ban on any sort of protest in the region and  issued a warrant for his arrest.

Reports say he was apprehended and detained that same day while the forces of law and order were stationed at strategic points like The Commercial Avenue and the Grand Stand so as to impede prospective demonstrations.

The Prime Minister‘s office had been tipped on the situation in and sent  an attache  to resolve the stampede.

Late, Tuesday, Mr Simon Kwenti was reported released from Police Custody and together with an Fon Tchafack XI held a gathering to voice-out their frustration on the governments approach to the incident.

Wednesday Morning, A 3 man delegation lead the P.M’s emissary to the star building to continue deliberations. Meanwhile,  a letter supposedly bearing their grievances was sent to the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang to the presidency.

As of now, the Governor’s office is still to comment on the situation.

Barely few days to the Oct 9th presidential election, the government of Paul Biya is more than ever alert to pre-empt wat happened to Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Cote D’Ivoire and recently Libya to never happen in Cameroon.

Ngoran Guilio Berngeh

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