3rd CPDM ordinary Congress: Comrade Paul Biya on the offensive

15/09/2011Paul Biya the National Chairman of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement has addressed the 3rd CPDM congress that begun this 15th of September at 10 am.

In a well structured policy speech, the National Chairman of the party discussed a number of issues regarding the party and by implication the State. He started by indicating that, this is time for modernity and change within the party.
Politically, he revisited strides made including the creation of ELECAM as an independent electoral body, the involvement of the civil society in the electoral process and decentralization which is now effective.
The fight against corruption which is a sensitive issue in Cameroon must continue and reinforced, the CPDM boss promised.


He argued that a number of bodies including the audit bench, CONAC, ANIF, the Supreme State Control are now fully operational to enhance in the fight against corruption in Cameroon, in his words,  none is above the law.

Economically, he saluted the fact that public finances have been standardized, promising to create a more favourable atmosphere for investment.

The national Chairman of the CPDM announced that a number of structural projects to improve the standard of living for Cameroonians shall be carried out come 2012.
Paul Biya also addressed the Youth, Women and Cameroonians of the diaspora.
To the Youth, he promised to give them a greater role in the development of Cameroon and asked them to show a better sense of responsibility.
To women he promised to break all cultural and traditional barriers that militate against their full empowerment.
To Cameroonians of the diaspora he challenged them to safeguard the image of the country.
On the international scene, Paul Biya promised to work for the full integration of CEMAC member states and collaborate with the African Union to give Africa a voice on the international scene.
The National Chairman of the Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement acknowledged that, though much has been done, a lot remains to be achieved.
The achievements can only be registered if CPDM militants show the good example.



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