Bébé Manga


Elizabeth Bessem Ayamo Manga (c. 1951 – July 1, 2011), also known as Bébé Manga, was a Cameroonian makossa singer whose best-known song is “Ami O”. She is considered one of the most popular makossa singers of the 1980s.[1]

She was born In Mamfe, Manyu Division the South West Region.


Bebe Manga was baptised by the journalists in Ivory Coastbecause of her so special voice.

                                              Bebe Manga, the pride of Cameroon


She started her career in 1975, singing in a night club in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire called “Son de Guitare” (Sound of a guitar). Here she discovered, and recorded her most known hit, “Ami o”, her interpretation of an original song written by Ebanda Manfred. The song was an international hit.[2][3]

Later, end of 90’s, she puts another world-class song, “Mota Benamaa”, deploring the situation of children suffering around the world. Her talents were celebrated at the Top D’Or 2005 in Abidjan, as she was voted one of the best African artists of all time.[4]

She is featured on Manu Dibango‘s “Manu Safari” album.[5]


Bébé Manga died on 1st July 2011 on the way to hospital after suffering a heart attack at her home in Douala. She was 60


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