Cameroon’s prolific striker Samuel Eto’o has just completed his medicals with his new club Anzhi Machakackala. Here are the pics of his 1st warm up, in Russia.

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Ngoran Guilio Berngeh


  1. Samuel eto is my most likeable footballer in world.Fine! I’m just starting my career an i wonna be like him. My name is john henry; i play like eto, i drible like him i also pass like him. But the qustion is how will i start my football career please me out.

    • My answer for for is simple. I have met Samuel Eto’o in person twice in Douala, Cameroon. He was a very lucky player adding to the fact that he had mad skills.In football, you must try to distinguish yourself as a player in the midst of hundreds. People must be able to acknowledge your skills at every given moment.
      Just don’t feel discouraged during your bad days. Keep training, because that is the key? One day, you will get lucky like him and get the chance to play for big clubs

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