How is it possbile that Jamie Foxx replaces Will Smith in a potential Box Office Hit????

One of the gratest mistakes of his carrier is turning down the role of ‘Spider Man’ which eventually went to Tobby Maguire. Many years later, its seems the bad boy Will Smith is turning down another potential lead role is a move Directed by the incredible Quentin Tarantino.Will Smith

Will Smith, Always up to something

Will Smith might be headed back to the wild, wild west. The rapper-turned-actor is in talks to star in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming spaghetti Western film Django Unchained, which focuses on “a slave in the Old South who teams with a German bounty hunter to search for his wife.”

The film, which begins production in the fall, also may include Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz in key roles. With Louisiana as a likely forerunner for a shooting location, Django will follow Smith’s title role as a “freed slave who seeks to reunite with his slave wife, a journey which will see him team up with a German bounty hunter to take down an evil plantation owner.”

Jackson is in talks to play Monsieur Calvin Candie, a villain who is also a slave and clashes with Django. According to insiders, Tarantino has requested Smith to star in the flick, based on a script that he penned himself.

[May 6]

UPDATE: Tarantino casted Jamie Foxx in the lead role in Django Unchained, according to Foxx will co-star alongside Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson in a “Sergio Leone-style spaghetti Western that Tarantino wrote and has set in Mississippi during slavery.”

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